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Smart Data Solutions is a consulting company that provides consulting in the following areas:


1.Data Management and Integration.
2.Software and Website Development.
3.Process Optimizations.

The company was created in 2002 with focus knowledge on data science consulting. It uses today the latest technologies and has a solid base of references.

We provide business intelligence tools that use data mining to help entities get the latest and most accurate knowledge and support them in taking strategic decisions efficiently.

Our neural networks and correlations tools use sophisticated algorithms to accomplish timely and performant calculations to meet real business situations.

The optimizations that we perform with our programs can either use supercalculators or not. They handle complex problems solving ranging from the ones that managers face in the industrial world or to the challenges of scientists in research labs. 

Smart Data Solutions is a human company. We do a proxy work with our clients. From analyzing the business needs to providing support on our products. More than that if the situation requires it, training is provided on programming, software usage, statitics, matlab, numerical tools, sql server and other.