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1.Data Management and Integration.
  • Conversions
  • Database management
  • Training Sql Server, .Net, Excel, Matlab, open source
2.Software and Website Development
  • ERP
  • Mobile applications 
  • Online marketing tools
  • Integrated systems for businesses

3.Process Optimizations

  • Studies and systems optimizations
  • Correlations and business analysis tools
  • Marketor: Application for investors that collects and analyzes data for any job, goods or services market.
  • Strategor: Application for investors that modelizes any activity sector.
  • GetEmails: Online marketing and advertising robot for businesses or individuals.
  • Slidex: POS system.
  • SongManager:  Easy way for musicians to organize and edit their work.
  • ScheduleOptimizer: Tool used by managers to organize employees' times efficiently.
  • BulkEmails: Application to send customized and personalized emails.
  • BankAccountAnalyzer: Analysis method and application to understand and control your expenses.
  • Games:  waveQuizz